My journey with Insanity and Shakeology

My journey with Insanity and Shakeology

Hi, I am Michael Peuler. I was born with a heart condition in which I had two open heart surgeries, the first I was 4 years of age, and my second, I was 35 years old. The corrective surgeries have given me the strength and the energy to live a healthy normal life, except I have lacked the discpline for physical fitness. I used to run alot, but after my second heart surgery, I let myself go and became really fat and lazy.
One night, sitting on the couch watching a movie and pigging out on a large pizza and bread sticks. I realized that I was gaining alot of wieght. I had seen an infilmertial with Shaun T doing Insanity, and became intrigued by the concept of loosing weight and gaining muscle with out free weights. So, I orderd it, and started the program on May 1, 2011, and finished the 60 challange on June 30, 2011. What really helped was havin a personal BeachBody coach. She is pretty aswome, gave the encouragement I needed when I felt like given up or just didn’t want to work out.
When I started, I had dropped two pant sizes in my first 12 days. I was at 250 lb, and was at a size 38. Now I am down to 238 lbs, and a size 36. And I have just started my second round of Insanity.
I have changed my eating habbits and have consitant work outs. This is the first time I have stuck to any fitness program. BeachBody has changed my life. Join me, lets take this journey together








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