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Thank you for visiting my coach page. Your probably wondering what coaching is about. It is simple really. As a Beachbody coach you are providing support, and accountability to people who really want to get fit, and healthy. A coach is different from a personal trainer or some other type of fitness professional who works with you. Really all I do is just provide support and accountability and build relationships. This truly is a relationship business.

Maybe you have thought about becoming a coach. Awesome, if you are thinking about becoming a customer, but are not sure how to pay for your challenge pack, and shakeology, then  coaching can help you. If you bring 3 or 4 friends to join you, your cost are covered. If you are a fitness professional, coaching can be a great opportunity for you seance you already love people, and have a passion for health and fitness. And can also help you to off set some of your expenses.

For more information on coaching fill out the form below. I a pretty selective of who I choose. I am only looking for those who are serious about changing their lives, and the lives of others.

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