Beachbody Challenge Group

So  you may be asking what exactly is a Beachbody challenge group ?

Beachbody’s equation for success is Fitness + Nutrition + Commitment = Success. How does this work exactly ? Team Beachbody has found that most people who start any kind of health and fitness journey fail for three reasons. Number one, they don’t have the right kind of fitness program. They may have good intentions, but since they are doing a program that isn’t right for them, they get frustrated and give up. Number two, most people believe it or not, really don’t understand what proper nutrition is and know nothing or very little of portion control. All of our Beachbody programs have a customized meal plan that will teach you what to eat, how much to eat and how often you should eat. From this you will learn about proper nutrition, and portion control. Number three, most people fail because they have a hard time staying committed. Usually this comes from lack of support at home, and from friends. This is where coaching comes in. As your coach I will plug you into my private Facebook group on Facebook where you get support from me and my team.

What Is All Involved In A Beachbody Challenge Group ?

To join my challenge group you will need to purchase a challenge pack. A challenge pack is any work out program of your choice, your first bag of shakeology, and FREE  support from me and my team. In our Facebook group you will post your daily work out routine, your daily diet, and share any thing that you are struggling with, and celebrate any thing that you have been successful with. As I have mentioned before all of our programs come a nutrition guide that is unique for each work out program. Hear is where you will learn about portion control, and proper nutrition, and the importance of staying hydrated.

Recognition and Rewards For The Beachbody Challenge Group

Every one likes to be recognized for the hard work and the effort that you put in. It is good for your self esteem. It helps people to keep pushing forward, with out it, people tend to lose ambition, and motivation, and as a result gain all the weight back, and your right back where you started from. We don’t want this. We want you to make this a life style change, and continue to have long lasting results.

Imagine Wining $ 100,000 & Make Money Losing Weight With A Beachbody Challenge Group

Beachbody has cash prizes going on all the time. We have daily cash prizes, weekly cash prizes, monthly cash prizes that are any where from $ 100 dollars, up to $ 2,000 dollars. And our Grand Prize blue ribbon baby is worth $ 100,000 dollars.

Many people will make the excuse that they can’t afford shakeology, or a challenge pack. A monthly supply of Shakeology is about $ 130 dollars. That might sound like a lot of money of front, but if you break it down it is about 4 bucks a meal. However, if you look at how many times you go to Starbucks, or how much you spend on cigarettes, or what you spend on eating out every week, or every month. I understand that some of you really can’t afford Shakeology, or a challenge pack. And that you really do have a tight budget. For those who are in this position there are two reasons for you to sign up as a coach. The first reason is that it will provide you with a higher level of accountability. The second reason is that coaching can help you to off set some of your expenses. You can work this business on a part time level, in your own time, and doesn’t have to enter fear with your regular job.

So if your are really ready to take control and make a change in your life then contact me, either fill out the form on my contact page, or you can find me on Facebook. But I am pretty selective of who I choice. I only want people who are serious, and are ready to change.

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