Shakeology Review

Thank you for opting in.This means you are interested in knowing more about Shakeology and why you want  Shakeology  over Body By Vi shape.

First of all some people like to compare Shakeology to other protein shakes. Secondly, Shakeology is not a protein shake. If you see Shakeology as just a protein shake then Shakeology is not for you.However, if you are indeed looking for a nutrition shake that will optimize your health, then continue reading.

So what is Shakeology ? Shakeology is a daily dose of nutrient dense nutrition.It is a meal replacement shake, and a super food. With a 100% money backgaurentee. And why should you choose Shakeology over Body By Vi? Well let’s then let’s look into this!

To begin with many people go to Body By Vi because they claim that it is cheaper then your $130 dollar Shakeology from Beachbody. So let’s take a look at this. Your basic starter kit comes in a bag of vanilla shake mix which has a regular price of about 50 bucks. This is cheaper then Beachbody’s Shakeology. However, it does not stop there. You have multiple kits to chose from. The cheapest would be 50 bucks, but can range from all the way up to $400 bucks. Your basic starter kit which costs $50 bucks is just your basic, plain old vanilla. Now if you get tired of the plain old vanilla,and you want jazz up the flavor a bit then you need to purchase any one of the kits that have the flavor packs. If you want the hunger blocker that helps you fight hunger, then you will pay extra for that. Neither are the flavor packets 100% natural. And of course with the more expensive kits you get snacks. Now Lets look at Shakeology. All of our ingredients are 100% natural.There are no flavor, all the flavor is in the powder. There is no need for hunger blockers. The shake is so thick, and full of fiber that you won’t feel hungery for at least 3 hours. Shakeology uses only one scoop per meal,and you only need one shake a day to lose weight. Where as Body By has you using 2 scoops per meal, and you could have 1, to 2 shakes a day. Depending on the type of kit you buy.

Now for some of the health benefits. It is not recommended that women who are pregnant, or nursing use either the Vi shape, and the Vi trim. Sorry ladies, but your stuck with the plain old vanilla during the times you are nursing, and pregnant. And you should consult your doctor. Kids under the age of 4 should not drink Vi shape.nor should cancer patients who are going through chemotherapy.
As for Shakeology, pregnant women should have no trouble with Shakeology, but they should still consult there doctors.Children under the age of 4 are permitted to have Shakeology, but they don’t need a full scoop. And finally, Shakeology is an excellent source of nutrition for them especially during chemotherapy. Since there diets, and appetites are basically shot.

iLast of all the one thing I hate about Shakeology is that I keep running out.

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