T 25 Day 1 : Cardio

Shuan  T 25 Workout Video’s


Ok so today I have restarted Focus T 25. I have started this program several times, but have never been able to finish it. The first time I started this work out program I hurt my foot. I don’t really know what happened, except  that I started having pain, and trouble walking. But then it healed up, and I was ready to get back at it. The second time I attempted Focus T 25 I some how managed to hurt my leg. Once again I am not certain how that happened. But it felt like I was walking with a bit of a limp. And so after a period of time my leg healed up, and I was able to get back on the horse once again. This brings me to my third attempt at restarting Focus T 25, and would you believe it, but once again I am getting hurt or sick. This time it was my hart. I have a long history of Continental heart diseases. Some thing  that I was born with. ( You will have to visit my about me page if you want to learn more )  But now I am ready to get back at it once again. This will make it my 4th attempt.

Now for today’s work out. Focus T 25 Cardio. This dvd is a progressive cardio workout that will have you burning fat in just 25 min. And the only equipment you need for this Focus T 25 work out is a working dvd player of some kind. Pop in the dvd, and push play. Now I did the modified version. I am out of shape, and need to lose a ton because last year was pretty stressful financially. Sadly I gained most of my weight back. But I lost it once, and I know that I can do it again with these programs from Beachbody And in this work out there are no water breaks like you get in Insanity.

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